About Us

About Us 

Hello!  We are the Glens!  My name is Heather and I live with my husband and two teen boys in beautiful Washington State; nestled between the Puget Sound and two mountain ranges.  As a family, we game, we swim, we garden, and we be.  In this section, I will tell you about our business mission statement, why I started this business and why we chose the products we did, and a bit about our collections and why we love them. 

Mission Statement:

We would like to be your favorite spot to come when you want to find a great t-shirt, sweatshirt, kid or baby clothes, or some other fun item that shows off a fun part of who you are. We would like to provide for you:

  • A large range of fun and cool designs.
  • Quality products and super soft and comfortable clothing.
  • Products that are printed in the US and manufactured in an ethical and eco-friendly manner.
  • An Honest and Friendly Interaction.

Please ask us questions about our products!  I am happy to give you honest information about how each clothing item fits and what body types and sizes I would recommend for each. 

Why I started my business:

When my boys were younger, it was much tougher to find fun kids t-shirts.  It’s better now but still not great.  We aim to have a lot of fun options for babies, toddlers, and kids sizing.  We also worked hard to source clothes that are made well and are soft and comfortable.  This is one of the primary reasons for opening my stores.  From personal experience I also found it frustrating trying to find a fun T-shirt for myself.  I would find a fun t-shirt, buy it, then never wear it.  I realized it was because it just wasn’t soft!  It was just ok.  Fear not, I found the best T-shirts!  My favorites are the Bella + Canvas Unisex, crew neck, short sleeve t-shirt and the Women’s Recycled V-Neck T-shirt by District.  These are just a couple brands I found to use as my base product for my designs.  Using these as my gauge, I have found other products that match or exceed these in softness and comfort.  I have also found a few other products that are nice… nothing cheap and flimsy.  I keep working to find new products, please know I test these out before I sell them!  Even though my business is print on demand, I always test the products to make sure it’s something I would buy first!  Trust me, I have high standards!

Geeky Gamer Goods was the first clothing business I started.  I primarily started  this because I just never was able to find fun but not game specific t-shirts for my boys as they were growing up.  They changed games faster than they grew so only wore specific game t-shirts for a short time.  Plus, it was hard to find the right sizing and softness.  Kids can be pretty picky at times!  I have made sure my size tables are available and my kid’s clothes are soft.  G3 as I like to call it, features family friendly clothes that are for Gamers as well as those who enjoy sarcasm. I also have more specialized collections like D&D Inspired, Anime, and Dragons.  Oh but I love Dragons.  My house is home to several...

Now more about me and the family.  There has always been a little bit of gaming going on in our family.  When I first met my husband, he was playing video games at a friend’s house.  I stopped by the friends as well and we both went WOW.  Fast forward and Ron was playing various video games after work while I watched him and tried to study for my massage therapy license.  Fast forward and we are living and playing Everquest together.  We continued to play EQ and got married, and well hello there first born!  After I got pregnant, my game playing stopped until the boys were in their teens. (just no energy!)  Mt husband had a forced break as well when the kids were very little.  Um yeah… I had a hard time with two little crazies.  But then the boys were old enough for Mario with the stars they had to collect and other fun little games.  Ron had a lot of fun playing with them and I had fun watching.  The games changed over the years.  The oldest was getting more into D&D and other pen and paper games.  Youngest enjoying the heck out of Minecraft and then lots and lots and lots of other games.  My husband and I have dabbled here and there in various games over the more recent years but are currently in a hiatus while we work on other projects. We enjoy a variety of fantasy books, events, movies and more in our lives.  I think that probably comes through with our designs.

Thank you for reading about us and happy shopping!  Please let me know what you think about our products!

Stay Comfy My Friends!

Heather and Family.